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Inspired Nature

Bring Beauty & Light into your Space

"Grant's brushstrokes are free, bold and occasionally fragile. He's not after artistic perfection but something larger, a moment, a feeling. The effect is enthralling.His work explores large horizons, and aspects of light within the sky "

Original Paintings


Grant Notten

 Grant is a contemporary artist living in South West England in a beautiful rural place near Dartmoor National Park. Born in South Africa, Grant had a wild upbringing on a game reserve where he encountered a very different way of life.

"Painting is an exciting process for me, a feeling of being on the edge and discovering what emerges in the process. I totally loose myself in this timeless space. It is my aim to bring this freedom and beauty through into my work to create an uplifting atmosphere in a space much like the experience I have in nature"

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